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    This is an experimental communications platform that we are evaluating for possible use on the DLARC website. Club members are invited to explore it, post messages, reply to posts, and tell us what you think.

    We’ve populated the site with some sample posts, using content pulled from W3OK Corral, the existing DLARC Forum at MAILMAN.QTH.NET, and other sources, and attached the original authors’ names where known. Our goal was to seed the site so folks can evaluate the tool. If something is posted in your name, you can edit it or delete it.

    Subsequent posts in “About the Forums” will offer tips, design rationales, etc. Any member is welcome to post a message or reply here or on any of the forums. Because this is a beta site, we reserve the right to edit or remove posts for the near future, if we think confusion might result. If the forums seem like a viable thing, the club will need to develop editorial policies and processes.

    Please feel free to post questions here as a reply or send an email directly to Bill Carlsen KD3FLY (, Malcolm Stanley KC3WBZ (, or Su Abt KC3WCF (

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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