W3OK Repeater System

The Delaware-Lehigh Amateur Radio Club (DLARC) owns and operates the W3OK repeater system. Our VHF repeater frequency is 146.700 MHZ, the UHF frequency is 444.900 MHz, and the 6 m frequency is 51.760 MHz. All repeaters have a PL of 151.4 Hz. 

The repeaters are located on Levis Road in Nazareth, Pennsylvania on the Northampton County 911 tower at a ground elevation of 570′. The tower is a 300′ self-supporting type. Our antennas are fed with 7/8 inch hard-line and are mounted at the 200′ level on the northwest leg of the tower for 146.700, northeast for the 444.900, and west for the 51.760 antenna.

Both the 146.700 and 444.900 are Station Master antennas and a folded dipole loop is used for 6m.

The repeaters are controlled by an ACC RC-96 V5.2 controller and are in a linked configuration. Our system is equipped with an auto-patch and emergency 911 capability (if needed, call on the repeater and ask for assistance).

Our equipment on 2 m is a GE Master II repeater with 120 watts output feeding a Phelps Dodge-197 6 cavity duplexer, which supplies 95 watts to a Station Master antenna. Our equipment on 70 cm is also a GE Master II repeater with 65 watts output feeding a Wacom WP-678 duplexer, which supplies 55 watts to the antenna. Our 6 m repeater is also a GE Master II repeater with an output of 80 watts.

Our VHF system is equipped with 4 remote receive sites located throughout the Lehigh Valley, The remote recelvers are located in Nazareth, Wind Gap on Blue Mountain, Easton, and Fountain Hill. On 70 cm we are voting from Nazareth, Easton, and Wind Gap. The receivers are Motorola Spectra-Tac radios that are linked to 2 six-channel GE Voting Module located at tne Nazareth site by fiber optic cable. All sites are equipped with emergency backup generators.

W3OK Service Area

Repeater Block Diagram

DLARC Repeater site block diagram