Wherever you go to test for your license you will see the same requirements.  It is NOT a requirement to join the classes we offer, but it does provide a lot of helpful information in preparation for the license exam. They are free and sometimes a good time is had among the work.

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Where to start

If you are new to ham radio you will need the entry-level Technician license.

Some people prefer to study independently, we offer a bit more. Within our free classes, we provide more than an understanding of the test questions, we also offer you hands-on review of ham items (transceivers, antennas, etc.), and an opportunity to learn on-the-air protocol at the DLARC Station W3OK on the premises.

For those who already hold a Novice or Technician license the free General License classes will be appropriate. The more you advance, the more frequencies and bands you are permitted to use.

DLARC offers classes for both Technician and General Class levels which will be held for nine consecutive Tuesday evenings, from 7:00 to 9 p.m., with a break at 8 p.m. Can’t attend all the classes? No problem! We have no attendance requirement.

Please note: Amateur Radio Licenses must be earned in sequence: Technician, General, and Amateur Extra. Each higher level permits more transmission privileges on various radio bands. It is an individual’s choice how far you want to progress.

Yes, the Technician License will allow you on-the-air privileges!

Location of the classes

All classes are held in the Northampton County 911 Center, 100 Gracedale Avenue, Nazareth, PA 18064. Custom directions from your starting point to the Northampton County 911 Center can be found at

Please park in the large parking lot in front of the building. Parking on the side of the building is reserved for the 911 employees.


Study guides

ARRL Ham Radio book

ARRL                                                    GORDON WEST

Not mandatory, but highly suggested as a study aid. Classes follow the chapters in the guides in both the Technician and General Class lessons. We purchase brand new, current editions in bulk, at a discount, and sell them to class members at no profit to us. We offer the books as a convenience to class members, saving you time finding a vendor, going to get the book, or paying shipping. Books will be brought to the early classes for purchase as desired, to make sure that the students who want a book have the correct edition.

You may want to get yours on your own, and if so, we suggest you make sure you are purchasing the current edition. Every 4 years the FCC tests questions are updated, consequently every 4 years the question pool change.

If you aren’t sure about getting a book, or which book you should get, hold off until you get a chance to see the books at the classes. You can inspect the books before you purchase them.


Practice, practice, practice

There is a lot of practical value in learning the “whys” of the aspects of the information being tested which is what we can teach in the classes. Practicing the test will help you determine if you are ready for the exam. Wait until you have been studying a couple weeks before spending much time on the FREE on-line practice tests. Here is a good one:

You will be asked along the way to sign in, and those without call signs can use just their first name and make up a password. Once registered, future accessing of the site goes faster.

On the home page click on the tab for Resources> Practice Tests> click on the appropriate level you are seeking.    

There are a few apps out there, too. Just make certain they are using the latest version of the test.
Ham Radio Exam – Tech
Ham Radio Exam – General


License testing

After 9 weeks of instruction, the 10th Tuesday will be devoted to a formal testing session in the same location as the classes. More information on testing can be found here:


You are invited! DLARC has a Club Station (W3OK) in Nazareth, PA.) open on Wednesday evening and Saturday mornings (call to confirm: 484 291 1527),  members and interested non-members meet there informally, mainly for conversation and are willing to answer questions and help with equipment. Usually Saturday mornings the station is open and available for licensed and non-licensed individuals to monitor HF transmissions, and get on the air, under the guidance of a licensed ham.

This American Radio Relay League site has tons of reference and resources and is an excellent starting point. 

DLARC has a membership of about 150 hams. The club meets regularly at 7:30 PM on the first Thursday of each month at the Nancy Run Fire Hall, 3564 Easton Ave., Bethlehem.

Interested visitors always are welcome. More info here:

The future of Ham radio

Ham radio is far from being a dying hobby/service! Current number now is close to 800,000 licensed hams in the USA. You can choose to participate in any number of ham activities… or none. It is all voluntary. It is your choice to decide what you want ham radio to be for you!

Videos of interest

Walter Cronkite:
(6 ½ minutes, somewhat dated, but carries a good message)


(25 minutes, but very comprehensive history)

A fine overview of amateur radio:
(19 minutes, but very informative)

British video:
(7 minutes)

Last Man Standing TV show:
(4 ½ minutes) Subsequently, Tim Allen became very interested in amateur radio and now is a licensed ham!



I hope this has provided you with some information about what lies ahead. As a club we enjoy the ham projects, field trips, family picnics, special radio event stations, emergency and non-emergency radio communications for community events, like Superstorm Sandy, the annual Emmaus Halloween Parade, Multiple Sclerosis Bike Runs, and Half-Marathons, etc. We are the eyes, ears and communication links in case of accidents or logistic needs – food or water at rest stops, etc. – the stuff that keeps an event together and on track.

You may choose to participate in all, some, or none of the activities. There is no participation obligation. It’s a hobby. It’s a service. It’s wherever your interests and desires lead you.

 Delaware-Lehigh Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

73, Bob/KE3AW

Next License Testing 5/3/24

FCC Amateur Radio License exams are offered locally, administered by FCC-certified Examiners in Nazareth, PA. Registration is required.

Ham Radio Classes start 3/5

Ham Radio Classes start 3/5

DLARC will offer FREE classes to help prepare for the FCC test for the Entry-level Amateur Radio License and General level as well as Amateur Extra. 9 weekly classes will begin on March 5, 2024. 7-9pm on Tuesdays in Nazareth, PA Can’t attend all the classes? No...

Summer Field Day 2023 Recap

Summer Field Day 2023 Recap

The DLARC Field Day 2023 took place on June 23, 2023 in Bicentennial Park in East Allen Township was a great success. All that participated had a good time. There were over 53 participants with most getting on air, which is great to see. It was announced at the Club...

Winter Field Day 1/27-28

Winter Field Day 1/27-28

We passionately believe that ham radio operators should practice portable and fixed emergency communications in winter environments as the potential for freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and other hazards present unique operational concerns.