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Agreed. I was never one to have lots of wires or a tower in my yard. I currently have the platinum 1000 wolf river coil, the downside is having sixteen 17 foot radials spread out. The antenna comes with three when you purchase but I figured let’s play with more. My laziness is having to adjust the length of the vertical and adjust the ring on the coil.

I pretty much stay on 20 meters. So I’ve come across the Go2 antenna which covers the bands I’m interested in. Easily tunable without needing adjustments. Reaching Italy with the wolf river is no issue but having the ability to swiftly change bands is enticing. But the 500 bucks for the Go2 is hard to swallow. Not sure I’ll do this yet. Bob thanks for sharing that video. John KD2HOG

Happy new year to all 😊